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Do you have questions about dentures, or false teeth, as they are often called? Do you need a partial or a full set? Are you looking for the best place to get dentures in Tucson? Dr. Ross can help. He can help you understand the difference between cheap dentures you see advertised and the best solution for your situation. Call today for a no charge appointment. 520-886-3100.

How Dr Ross Develops Your Dentures

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The denture dentist must be an architect.

First, I evaluate...

I evaluate the jaw joint, the gums, and the relationship of the upper and lower jaws to one another. Every patient presents a unique challenge. For example, my patient may have very little jawbone, and their tissues are very soft and tender. Given my findings, I determine the type of denture they need.

Second, I develop a template...

I develop a template. Some offices have their assistants do impressions. I do my own impressions, and I make my own molds. I determine the appropriate size, shape, and shade or color of the teeth. I do the first 60% of what must be done. The dentist is the architect who decides about how things are set up so that once the work is completed, the patient’s teeth both look wonderful and function properly.

Third, We develop a wax prototype...

We develop a wax prototype so the patient can see and feel what the finished dentures will be like. Adjustments and changes, if needed, can be made at this stage. Once the patient and I are satisfied with the prototype, we convert it to the final prosthesis.

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Dr Ross
Dr Ross
Dr. Ross

How Dr Ross Develops Your Dentures

When implants can be used, they are a wonderful adjunct to denture dentistry.

We have two different ways we use implants

One technique dentists refer to as “all on four.”  With this technique, a full denture is screwed into four implants that have been placed in the jawbone. The denture cannot be removed other than by a dentist. Often with this type of implant there are sanitary and breakage concerns. Let’s say you bite down on a piece of walnut shell in your cake and you break a tooth. With this type of implant, it’s a major ordeal to get it repaired.

The way I like to use implants

Dr. Ross explains, “The way I like to use dentures with implants is what we call ‘Over Dentures.’ Some people refer to it as a ‘Snap On.’ The implants are placed in the jawbone. The dentures snap into the implant. They stay put until you want to remove them. With just a little bit of pressure in the right direction, you can take the denture out. It’s easy to clean so it’s very sanitary. You can snap it back into position with no difficulty.  It’ll take you maybe two or three seconds. And, should you break anything, usually within an hour, it can be repaired at minimal cost. In my opinion, that’s the best way to use implants.

When implants can be used, they are a wonderful adjunct to denture dentistry. Unfortunately, not everybody can use implants. Some people don’t have enough jawbone. That’s why when we have patients who are not healthy enough to have the surgery for implants, we make sure they get the absolute best dentures that can possibly be made.”

Cheap dentures may have a smaller price but the cost is hidden in the fact that they may be a temporary solution and may need to be repaired. 

Do you have dentures that are in need of repair? We can perform the repair you need, and we can show you how to care for your dentures so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

We can walk you through the options and help you pick the best option. Something you will enjoy and appreciate for a long time. 

Are you looking for a beautiful and comfortable smile that is functional and will let you enjoy life and eat with a full set of strong teeth? We are here to help you.

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