Denture Patient Stories

S. Burton Ross DDS shows no signs of slowing down. He recently remolded his office and launched a new mobile-friendly search-engine-optimized website to go with it. Dr Ross embraces a future of world-class service for people who want and need quality dentures. Today you will find him making dentures that pair with the latest dental implant technology. Tomorrow he may have a patient who’s jaw can’t accommodate implants, so he delivers a perfect fitting, natural looking but totally removable set of dentures.  A great story teller, Dr. Ross has helped thousands of patients, people of all  ages and situations. Here are some of his favorite denture patient stories.

She still thinks he was interested in her because her smile was so beautiful.

One of my first cases many years ago was a woman who was reasonably attractive woman but her teeth were not healthy. After an examination, we determined that there was no good way to fix her teeth. They weren’t strong enough. We took the teeth out and made her a set of dentures.

Because of her new teeth, and this happens a lot, her personality seemed to change. She met some guy, and she still thinks he was interested in her because her smile was so beautiful. She ended up marrying the fellow. The last I heard they were still married and that’s a long time ago.

Easier to get a job!

I’ve had a couple of people say they found it easier to get a job because of how good they look with their new teeth.

Famous people I have treated

I made dentures for the last surviving Native American that rode with Geronimo. Also, Noel Neill, the film and television actress who played Lois Lane in the 1940’s “Superman” movie serials and on television in the 1950’s, was a patient of mine. So that’s my claim to fame.

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Types Of Patients We Love to See

Sometimes I see patients who’ve had dentures for a while and they just don’t like their look. They look like they’re wearing dentures. They’d like something that doesn’t scream dentures across the room. I can help them.

I see patients who have a lot of loose teeth.  They are getting dentures for the first time. I determine what surgical processes they need in order to properly prepare the mouth for dentures.

When I get patients with half of their teeth missing. I evaluate the following: Are their remaining teeth good enough to keep? Are they in the correct positions so that we can do something with them? We might do partial dentures in a case like that. We do not remove teeth that are strong and healthy and still look good.

Sometimes a patient is missing all their teeth and they have trouble controlling their dentures. In those cases, we determine whether there is enough supporting bone to place implants.  With implants, the patient won’t have to worry about kicking out their dentures due to tongue movement, coughing or sneezing.

How Old Do You Need To Be For Dentures?

My youngest denture patient story is about a 15 year old

I often tell people that the youngest person I ever made dentures for was 15 years old. I don’t know what he did to his teeth but they were worn down to the gum line. There was nothing to save. His mother brought him in. We made him dentures.

Talk about a change in personality. It’s a big deal to have no teeth when you’re 15. The only time having no teeth is cute is when you’re a newborn. This kid was 15 and I will never forget him. He just blossomed when he got his dentures.

My oldest patient was 97

I placed mini implants in a 94 year old woman a couple of years ago and she said, “It’s totally changed my life.” You think at 94 people wouldn’t care that much but she still did.

Even if you’re only 75 years old, get dentures.

I had a woman who came to me when she was about 75. She said, “I should get dentures, but I’m too old already.” She came to me a few years later, “I know my teeth are worn out, but I don’t know how much longer I’m going to live.” We went through this scenario for twenty years.

When she was 95 years old she finally decided that she was going to get a new set of dentures. She did and she lived to be 102. The moral of that story is, if you’re only 75 years old, get dentures.

I’ve seen people in their twenties.

Unfortunately, they have, perhaps, gotten into the drug scene. Crystal meth and whatever else they were doing pretty much wiped their teeth out.

For a person in their mid-twenties, a nice set of dentures can be life changing.

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