Did You Ever Think Of Dentistry?

I could see myself as a dentist.

Dr. Ross
Denture Dentist

Dr. Ross has been successfully taking care of denture patients in Tucson since 1976. His attention to detail, personal interest in his patient’s satisfaction and his sense of artistic balance enable Dr. Ross to achieve superior results. He has personally designed and completed dentures for thousands of people from all over the U.S. and abroad. Many local dentists refer their challenging denture cases and even their own relatives to Dr. Ross for his expert denture design.

A New York City native, Dr. Ross received his Bachelor of Science degree from the City College of New York and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University in 1970, graduating with honors. He served in the U.S. Public Health Service and still retains his commission in the Reserves.

If you want to look more youthful and vibrant; minimize aging facial lines around your mouth; have a more natural smile or simply want to be able to chew better, make a no charge appointment for an honest evaluation of your individual needs. Find out what Dr. Ross can do for you.

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Background and Training

There was a time when dentures were a much bigger deal than they are today. Pretty much everybody ended up with dentures. Because of that, you had top quality people in the field and those people were the ones I learned from.

For example: Dr. Frush developed the Swissedent Technique, or the Swiss Technique that drives the approach I use in my practice to this day. He taught me how to make dentures look like real teeth.

He and his team evaluated skulls. They analyzed the relationship between certain anatomical parts of the skull, and the teeth. They took measurements to determine the appropriate size of tooth, for certain size and shape of jaw. Dr. Frush took that information and translated it into denture design. He’s the one I learned from about how to make dentures look like real teeth.

The other important aspect of dentures is how to make dentures fit, which I learned from Dr. Earl Pound. As far as I know he practiced and taught until he was well into his 90s. He knew how to make dentures fit properly.

So, I learned design and aesthetics from one, and function and fit from another. I took what I learned from each of them and put together my own techniques. Over the years, I have found what works. When you know what works, you just keep doing it.

  • The first thing you must do is go to the dentist. Not just every now and again when something hurts or breaks, but on a regular basis. Once or twice a year is a minimum. My regular patients rarely have major disasters.
  • People neglect their teeth for all sorts of reasons. While cost is often given as the reason, fear, time and embarrassment are just as common.
  • Bad teeth are embarrassing for many people. Over the years I have watched people get a new lease on life from having a smile make-over.

I often refer to what I do as functional art. It gives me tremendous satisfaction.

Dr. Ross
Denture Dentist

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